• "The TLC consultants provide clear, tangible practices and protocols that can be used for our own school improvement" – Principal
  • "TLC facilitators are just that, facilitators. They ask great questions and get us thinking from small picture to big picture. They are warm, yet so knowledgeable!" – Central Office Administrator
  • "TLC facilitators help our team have lively, targeted discussions about ideas for improvement and ways to work together" – Teacher
  • "I think that TLC consultants have the ability to build powerful relationships with the teachers and principals they work with and have very span class="name" skill sets. They have what I refer to as "referent authority." That authority is bestowed by the teachers and principals on the consultants -- not the other way around -- and is among the most powerful drivers in the change process."– Bob Hill, Former Superintendent in Springfield, IL. – Current Director of Education Services for the Ball Foundation
  • "I have had several people tell me that this is the best professional development they have seen-in or out of the district! It’s exciting to realize the potential for continuous improvement in our entire system as we work with TLC." – Brenda Jones – Assistant Superintendent in Escondido, California