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We include below links to various articles dealing with improving student achievement and leading system-wide reform. These articles are written by Targeted Leadership senior executives and consultants.

Nancy Brightwell

Senior Consultant
Nancy Brightwell

Nancy Brightwell is an educational consultant affiliated with Targeted Leadership Consulting. She brings expertise and skills related to school turnaround, planning and coaching for instructional improvement, change management, and K-12 leadership. Most recently she served as an Associate Superintendent in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools where she supervised and supported 29 traditional and magnet-themed schools.

Prior to this role, she created a 14-school turnaround initiative In Charlotte with training and support for University of Virginia’s Partnership for Leadership in Education program. Nancy has led professional development on topics such as; Building Effective Professional Learning Communities, Coaching Principals for Sustainable Instructional Improvement, Data Driven Instruction, School Improvement Planning Through Effective Change Management and The Power of Instructional Rounds.

For over two decades, Nancy was a school principal in Charlotte. With experience at elementary, middle and high school, she led schools to dramatic student achievement outcomes, while promoting a student-centered school culture. She is adept and examining school data and available resources to craft effective continuous improvement strategies for sustainable results at all school levels.

Most recently, Nancy has served on a Technical Work Group, reviewing a Turnaround Leadership Study for the U.S. Department of Education. She has also attended extensive training with the Center for Educational Leadership from University of Washington, related to coaching principals to be strong instructional leaders.


E-mail: nbrightwell@targetedleadership.net