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About Us

Targeted Leadership Consulting assists Schools, School Systems, Charter Schools, and Universities with the development of leadership capacity for improving student academic achievement, through direct training and personalized executive coaching.

Successful leaders, who accomplish their goals, target a few specific, high-leverage strategies and focus their resources and energies around the full implementation and execution of those strategies throughout the organization. Targeted Leadership Consulting brings a well-researched and evidence-based Framework, a context-adapted, proven curriculum, and an expert team of successful, well-trained, experienced professionals to the challenging work of improving today’s schools and school systems.

Our framework helps develop the leadership capacity of school and district personnel and utilizes actionable data as a key ingredient in identifying needs and actions that will lead to improved student academic achievement. Our site serves as a resource for those educational systems and schools seeking to implement transformational leadership tools and processes that will help them improve decision making and build internal capacity. We provide information about leadership style in schools and its impact on student achievement through the various school leadership-focused journal articles written by our highly qualified consultants. Further, we provide multiple examples of how successful school and district leaders have used professional learning to maximize student achievement results and proactively lead instructional improvement efforts.