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Following is the TLC Framework for developing leadership to improve learning for all students. This framework is based on research on effective schools, the experience of highly successful practitioners, and the Boston Public Schools model. The content of all TLC curriculum is aligned to this framework. The “Context for Powerful Learning” includes the Cycles for Professional Learning. When we build the capacity of instructional leaders to guide and facilitate the implementation of our “Context for Powerful Learning Framework” within their schools and systems, this will result in meeting our goals for student learning.

Framework for Achieving Powerful Results


Develop shared leadership to build a culture of collaboration

Target an area of the instructional program to improve learning for all students

Examine student work and data to guide instructional practices and professional learning

Build instructional expertise through targeted professional learning in the use of effective, research-based practices

Align resources to support instructional practices and improve learning for all students

Partner with families and community to sustain learning for all students