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We include below links to various articles dealing with improving student achievement and leading system-wide reform. These articles are written by Targeted Leadership senior executives and consultants.

Danny Tellers

Danny Tellers

Danny Tellers, joined Targeted Leadership Consulting in 2007 after having worked for nearly a decade in the Marketing and Advertising fields with/for a handful of top-agencies in San Francisco, California.

In his career, Danny has directed creative teams as a Brand Manager, Marketing Communications Manager and Production Manager producing award winning materials, communications, and sales-office installations. On the creative side, he has held the titles of Art Director, and Senior Graphic Designer.

He graduated from the University of Santa Cruz, California with a degree in Installation Art and Mixed Media Communications. After graduation, he moved to Japan for 2 years where he worked as the state’s International Assistant Program’s Coordinator for Shizuoka-ken’s Government Board of Education. He currently resides in Reno, Nevada.


E-mail: dtellers@targetedleadership.net