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Teachers Leading Learning

May 01, 2018 By Targeted Leadership Consulting

We often hear that teachers dread attending district level professional development.

One complaint often used is that the training offered by districts “has little or no application to real work in the classroom.”

Nothing can be further from the truth in the Ferguson/Florissant School District in Missouri where teacher leaders in each school’s instructional leadership team, join together 6 times a year for a full day of learning best practices and sharing how these practices are impacting student learning.

These collective learning PD days prepare teacher leaders to go back to their colleagues and lead training at their schools.

What are the results for teachers? Increased implementation of powerful practices such as “Close Reading” across all grade levels and content areas.

What are the results for students? Increased number of students using “Close Reading” to read and understand texts that are more complex.

Can you say the same about the work in your district?

Share your successes in the comments section below:

One response to “Teachers Leading Learning”

  1. B. McGrath says:

    In Chula Vista, ILTs just finished their celebration of work. All of the presentations included classroom work samples, as well as some student interviews and videos. Teachers were excited to have the opportunity to learn from their peers and appreciated a coordinated focus for the district.

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