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Lemon Grove School District

Lemon Grove, California

Our work with the Lemon Grove School District began in 2006. Consultants concentrated on building the skills of the district’s administration team. Using the district’s Targeted Instructional Area of writing, we worked with administrators and presented protocols and structures for facilitating conversations around the teaching of and student growth in the area of writing.

Throughout the year at administrative meetings, protocols were presented and practiced. Principals had work to do back at their sites and assignments to bring back to their next meeting. Between administrative meetings, principal triads participated in facilitated Targeted Learning Walks in each other’s buildings looking for implementation evidence of the district’s writing curriculum.

Today, schools have maintained having Instructional Leadership Teams, walkthroughs and the use of protocols to examine data and student work.

Our services included:
  • Training principals and district administrators in the use of a targeted framework to structure the implementation of the work around the district’s targeted area of writing.
  • Training principals and district administrators in using a professional learning cycle that includes tools and protocols for structuring conversations around teacher practice and student achievement.
  • Coaching principals and district administrators with a focus on building capacity to support the district’s instructional agenda.

Here are the results:

The following charts represent the growth seen by schools in this district: