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Supporting California’s state monitored schools

Targeted Leadership Consulting (TLC) is an approved California School Assistance and Intervention Team (SAIT) provider. We are certified to provide intervention and support services to California’s state monitored schools.

Schools performing below the 50th percentile on state achievement tests have an opportunity to participate in the Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program (II/USP) program. Schools participating in that program that failed to meet the identified growth requirements were identified by the California State Board of Education as state monitored.

Districts that are identified as Program Improvement (PI) and are in years one or two receive funding to contract with an external provider. This support is referred to as District Assistance and Intervention Team (DAIT). TLC has partnered with both San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) and Orange County Office of Education (OCDE) to support districts to exit their Program Improvement status. In addition, we worked with South Bay Union School District in their first year in the DAIT process.

San Diego County Office of Education was chosen to pilot the state’s DAIT process and worked with TLC consultants on developing process and procedures to share with other state County Office of Education providers. Districts with whom we worked as a partner with SDCOE were Escondido Union School District and Oceanside Unified School District. Currently we partner with the Orange County Department of Education in supporting La Habra City School District.

Our services included:
  • Training County Office DAIT support team members in the TLC framework and Cycles of Professional Learning to structure the support provided to districts.
  • Training County Office DAIT support team and key district level administrators in Targeted Learning Walks.
  • Coaching County Office DAIT team leaders with an emphasis on aligning the work and building capacity across departments.