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South Bay Union Elementary School District

Impreial Beach, California

Our work with South Bay Union School District began in 2007 with the school support department of the District Office. We spent the first year working to transform the District Office into being more school responsive and establish themselves as Central Services.

During second year, instructional leadership teams from all schools were brought together to work on the district’s instructional target of reading comprehension. The Targeted Leadership Professional Learning Cycles served as a structure for implementing the identified best practices.

Today, schools have maintained their Instructional Leadership Teams, walkthroughs and the use of protocols to examine data and student work.

Our services included:

  • Training Central Services leadership team in the implementation of a framework to organize their work, as well as, tools and protocols such as targeted learning walks, to structure conversations around teaching and learning.
  • Coaching Central Services around working in cross departmental teams to support the district’s instructional agenda.
  • Training both school site and district central service leadership to help them build their instructional leadership skills to support and monitor the implementation of promising instructional practices.

Here are the results:

The following charts represent the growth seen by schools in this district: