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Springfield Public Schools

Springfield, Illinois

The Springfield Public School District became involved with our consulting services in a focused effort to improve student learning in the Spring of 2003. In collaboration with the Ball Foundation, who funded their efforts, the District identified several schools as a “first cohort” and these schools participated in our training and coaching model. This first cohort of schools looked at student assessment results in English and Mathematics and identified curriculum areas that were in need of improvement.

Based on the first cohorts’ success, the training and coaching model was expanded to a second and third cohort of schools. Our consultants worked with schools not only at the elementary and middle school level but also at the high-school level.

Our services included:
  • Three cohort groups of self-identified schools that participated in year-round professional development training for instructional leadership teams, focusing on the implementation of a targeted framework.
  • Training for principals and teacher leaders in order to build their leadership skills so that they can facilitate, implement, and monitor instructional improvement in the areas of literacy and mathematics.
  • On-going coaching for the superintendent and district office support personnel in order to build capacity and minimize the dependency on outside consultants.